5 Tips for Creating an Incredible Experience for Your Clients

This past week, I had the opportunity to have my yearly mammogram. Now, as you can clearly see I said “opportunity”. Most of us women that have had the experience would say that they don’t necessarily look forward to you, however it is a necessary evil, right? And it’s important that we have this done for our own health. My experience at Bellin this week has given me hope for the entire healthcare industry and for any business, and I’m excited to tell you why. Here are 5 Things that make a great customer experience for the first time:

  1. Signage. Upon entering the parking area, there was signage, that made it easy to see where I needed to drive. There was also signage that told me what to do “Drive up and wait for the attendee.” Being that it was my very first time at the facility, this was clearly a plus for me.

  2. Prompt and Professional Greeting. Upon entering the facility, I was greeted professionally and promptly. The individual at the reception desk then told me exactly where to go to get to my appointment. She gave me specific directions to where my appointment was and how to get there. PS, everyone was extremely pleasant as well. No grumps along the way. This helps too.

  3. Clear Communication. All along the way, I experienced clear communication. From when I entered the parking lot through the very end of the appointment. Most impressive, was my radiologist. She introduced herself, told me what to expect, and asked if I had any questions after each step in the process. There was not a stone unturned.

  4. Immediate Test Results. When my radiologist had completed the picture taking, she brought me back to my room. She asked me to wait and she would return with the results of the exam. She told me that I could expect about a 10 minute wait, and if she was longer it was only because she was waiting in line for the results of the test. I couldn’t believe that they were going to give me the results the same day. No waiting, no anxiety, this was happening right then and there.

  5. Follow up. That afternoon I received a call from my regular doctors office, following up again with the results, which thank goodness were fine. Had there been any abnormalities, I am sure that I would have received instructions on what my next steps would be.

I’ll add this into the mix too. I didn’t have to wait long throughout this whole process. From beginning to end, it was less than an hour that the appointment took. I was on my way back to the office in plenty of time to start the day.  I call that amazing! Because Bellin has processes in place, everything went very smoothly and quickly. Here’s an industry that I’ve always experienced time delays and waiting and issues with insurance. This was ultimately the best experience I ever had in healthcare.

When I come across an exceptional experience with a business, I like to share that experience with all of you. Why? The reason being is that I believe we can all learn from other businesses and industries. Most of the time we can apply the same concepts to our own business. Think about how you can make your customers experience better.

Here's my challenge to you this week; pick one thing from my list above and do it well. For example; greeting your clients. How can you make that experience the best experience for them? One thing that we do is offer our clients something to drink while they get situated in the conference area. What can you do to make this process better? The idea is to create an experience that people will talk about and remember.  Give them a story to tell.

I listen to podcasts daily, one of my recent favorites is “Building a Storybrand” by Donald Miller. Episode #110. It’s a great one “How to stop losing customers”. Joey Coleman is interviewed by Donald Miller and emphasizes highlights for the 8 phases of customer experience so you never lose another customer again. I truly believe after my appointment with Bellin they’ve created processes and implemented them so that customers never leave. It will be interesting  to see after my appointment how Bellin stays in touch with me to continue to build our relationship. This podcast also prompted me to purchase the book authored by Joey Coleman, “Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

We can all learn from other companies. Make sure you are keeping your eye not just on your competiton, but on every great business that is out there. We all have great experiences. What can you learn about these experiences you encounter?

Once you create a great empire, you’ll need to continue marketing to your clients. That’s where we come in to help you market to your clients through the right media. To see what services we can offer you, go to our website page and learn how we can help you. We'd love to see you grow and become the best you can be.