Branded ideas for the outdoor client or female executive, we've got you covered.

Your next promotion is right around the corner, and we've got some inspiration for you today. Make sure you check out our Joe Show video that's full of ideas and marketing solutions that will get you noticed by your target audience. Ideas that stand above your competition.

How about a handy dandy tool that is good wherever you might need some help. An all in one bottle opener, wrenches directional finder, can opener letter opener,ruler and even a peeler, It's called the survival tool card. Check out this compact, business card size tool for a unique promotional gift.

Maybe you've got female executives, sales persons or employees who you'd like to impress. For these individuals, Joe shows us tamper sealed (egg shaped) lip balm. Cool colors available too. Need to provide a little relaxation, the RX Spa Therapy Purse is just the thing. Filled with everything to help your target audience to relax and certainly a "feel good" product, one you definitely want to put your company name on.

A waterproof backpack? Yes, it's true. A great promo product for the person who loves to be outdoors. Great option for businesses that target hikers, hunters, travelers, bikers, sports enthusiasts and campers. Get this, this product can also serve as a cooler, and it has a built in "shower" for those people who life to really rough it outdoors.

How about some fun products for your next promotion? For example, an oldie but a goodie; colored yoyo's for any type of event involving kids or adults. School events, fundraisers, back-to-school promotions, yoyo's are nostalgic and even great for relieving stress. Boxing glove key chains make great giveaways for gyms, fighting events, any type of promotion that can "knock out cancer".

Remember, the competition is fierce out there. How are you going to make sure that the next time your client needs to purchase? You want them to think of your company first. You are not only competing with your competition, but with all types of businesses. Everyone is tugging at your potential client. Promotional products can seal the deal. Give us a call or email us at Dynamic Designs for your next promotion. If you need ideas or inspiration, we are here for your success. 920-822-4450 today. You can also like our Facebook page for great updates and ideas. For now, check out the video below for some amazing ideas.