Are you being penalized in the search engines because your website is out of date?

If your website is old or out of date, it's time to think about revamping it. If your website doesn't meet Google's criteria of elements of a great website, you are getting penalized for it whether or not you know it. For example; if your website is not responsive (which means that it isn't coded to easily navigate on tablets, cell phones or desktops) you can be that Google is dropping you lower and lower in the search engines. You are getting penalized for having an out of date website. What this could mean to you, is that your competitors are ranking ahead of you. You could be losing money!

This last week I met with a manufacturing firm that has been in the process of hiring. The current website they have is non-responsive and is very difficult to navigate, especially from a phone. There is no online form for candidates to fill out. Needless to say, the firm is having a difficult time getting qualified applicants. I can only imagine how many clients are bouncing off the site (bounce rate) having not even filled out an application. We are currently in the process of designing a responsive site, Yeah!

Case Study: We recently updated a retail client's website (Salon 2140) for a couple of reasons: 1) Make it easy for clients to navigate from a mobile phone and 2) Bring two locations together under one website. Both of these motives simplified the current site. Remember, when you confuse, you lose. Here's a before and after photo of the website. 

In addition, by simplifying the site, we also simplified Salon 2140's marketing efforts as well. Now Salon 2140 has monthly specials that can be used for both Salon locations on the home page, instead of changing out the specials every month and for each location - again only confusing potentials clients. Our client even simplified her pricing by bringing both locations together under one website.

If you're wondering whether or not your website is up-to-date, check out the free website tool we have available to you. Get a website audit and find out if it's time for a change. Remember, your competitors are making the change, why not you? Don't get left behind. The internet is so congested that if you aren't making an effort to stay ahead, you're going to fall behind.

Need someone to sit down with you to discuss your current website? Or maybe even challenges you are having in business? Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC will provide you with a plan to help you get noticed on the web.

Another tip, the better user interface your clients have while using your website, the higher you will rank on the web. There are so many ways to get ahead of your competition. If you are wondering how to do this, give us a call today 920-822-4450, or simply email us at for help.