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Case Study

One of the early websites we developed was for a local hardware store, Kimps Hardware. This small family-owned company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Over the years, Kimps Hardware has grown and diversified, and we might add survived because of their A-1 customer service and ability to help their clients. A family-owned operation, Kimps Hardware is a local company that brings thousands of people to their doorstep each week, in an online age where a lot of people buy online. They have stood the test of time.

As a marketing company, we keep up to date on the research that Google offers. It’s important for us to do the research so we can let our clients know what is happening and how it affects their websites. We know that technology changes and sometimes very quickly. The urgency for our clients to upgrade their websites to a responsive website probably started about seven years ago. At first, it wasn’t a big deal not having a responsive site, but now it is. And if you’re not doing things right, you’ll end up behind the 8 ball.

A responsive website is one of the key elements you need in order for your clients to find you via the web. Google ranks a responsive website hire than an old non-responsive website. So, for example, if you have an older website that is not responsive and your competition has a responsive website, they may rank higher than you in the search engines. Your competition may be getting potential clients that you could have gotten, all because of their up-to-date website.


A responsive website is a website that works with all type of devices. You are able to navigate your website on a desktop, tablet or cell phone and it’s quick and easy. You’ll notice how a three column desktop verison will flow into a one column site on a cell phone. You still have all of the same information, and it flows together to make it easier for the user to navigate. Another reason that Google wants you to have a responsive site is because more people are using mobile phone to do research. If they can’t navigate your site easily from their phone, they will bounce off. Bounce rates are higher with a non-responsive site, and again that is not a good thing.

With the Kimps Hardware site, we added three key elements besides a responsive site. The first element we added to the site was a blog. Our customer is now able to post blogs about the latest events, recipes, community involvement and more. Blogs are super important in this day and age of websites and contributes to better SEO, search engine optimization as well.

The second item we added was a review section to the home page of the site. Since Kimps Hardware has great customer service we added a Google Review plug-in to the website. Clients can go right to the website and see the great reviews that are currently out there - testimonials and reviews help with ranking higher in the search engines. Customers can also write a review without ever leaving the website. So, we are keeping the clients engaged longer on the site for the better user interface.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 14.11.46.png

The third element we included in this website design, that our client didn’t have before was the ability for the Kimps Hardware to be easily editable by the client. We created a word press site. Since the retail industry changes quickly and sometimes with the weather, it is important for them to be able to edit their site on their own. Remember, the search engines go out every 13-15 days, and if the web crawlers see that your site has changed and been updated, this again helps you in the search engines. Another SEO plus for you!

These three elements, in addition to adding page descriptions, CTA (call to action on home page) key phrases, keywords, meta tags, open graphs, and a favicon certainly should boost Kimps Hardware in the search engines. We hope to see these statistics increase in our analytics that we send them every month as well. (another great benefit to having a website with Dynamic Designs) We’re excited to watch them grow online as well as increase their foot traffic to their Green Bay location.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kimps Hardware as we continue to help them with their online strategies. Remember, a website is a work in progress. As Google changes and as the world revolves so will the websites we manage. Check out their site here!

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