How to appear anonymous on Linked-In while researching your competition.

Linked-in is great for checking out potential clients. In fact, I am always researching and looking at profiles with the hopes of connecting with individuals for business purposes. It's a great way to get past the gatekeeper. It's a great way to know who is connected to who, and how I might be able to connect with them.

However, there are some instances that I may be checking out the competition, or looking at individuals on Linked-In and I may not necessarily want them to know that I am researching them. I would want my profile to appear anonymous in other words. Recently, I've had clients that do not want to share whom they do business with for feat of potentially having the competition take away clients. Privacy is important is certain industries. How do you appear anonymous? Here's a step by step procedure on how to appear anonymous on Linked-In while viewing a profile.

  1. Under your photo profile in the navigation, go to Account, under settings and privacy.

  2. After clicking on settings and privacy, it will bring you to a page of How Others See Your Profile and Linked-In Activity. Once you are here, you can scroll down to Profile Visibility Off Linked-In, and click on Change.

  3. You have three options to click, "What others see when you view their profile." 1)You can leave your profile photo click so they will be able to see you, or 2) you can click on the second option, which allows them to know where you are from, and your title without a photo or name, or 3) you can click on remain anonymous, with no photo.

  4. About 90% of the time, I allow my profile to be seen when I am viewing someone. Most likely I want the person to know that I am looking at them. I am looking to connect and learn more about them. It gives me a better opportunity to gain that connection. Personally, if I am looking at my direct competition or looking at who their connections are, I will toggle to the privacy settings and select anonymous for only a short period of time while I am researching my competition.

This option allows you to change your visibility when you are researching competition on Linked-In.

This option allows you to change your visibility when you are researching competition on Linked-In.

If you are still wondering how this is done, I've created a video on you-tube to help you understand how to remain anonymous. Please subscribe to our channel for future marketing and educational tips that we provide at Dynamic Designs. Check out our next Linked-In Class we are offering too!