5 Things You Must Know to Put Together a Successful Marketing Plan

Trying to put together a marketing plan for 2019? First it’s important to know that you need to put it in writing. By doing this you have a better chance of achieving your marketing. A psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, led a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results were astounding. You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Tip number one: Take the time to write down marketing ideas into a plan of action. In addition to having a written plan,  I use a google calendar to plan when and what type of marketing we will be doing. This helps me stay on track and gives me a visual to help manage my time. However; before you can put together your marketing plan, it’s important you follow these 4 steps, so that you are not throwing your marketing dollars out the window.

Determine Your Target Market - Are you a builder, manufacturer or in the financial field? It’s time you sit down and figure out who you are really marketing too. Determine who your best clients are. Where do you make your biggest profit and create a profile of your target audience. Don’t just take your advertising dollars and throw them anywhere? You need to be specific. The more specific you are the better off your marketing efforts will be. You need to make sure that your target audience is qualified as well.

Let me explain. If I am a residential home builder, and I know specifically my best target audience is women, age 40-50, that are married and work full-time. I would probably use this data to target these women. Knowing that these women are most like on Facebook or Pinterest, I may utilize this type of social media for advertising or posting photos of jobs I’ve done. If I am going to be in a home expo, I would specifically look for promo giveaways that would interest women; for example a tote/grocery bag, a pizza cutter, or a cell phone holder, versus an embroidered hat. Ask yourself, how do I get in front of my target audience? What will entice them into my both? Maybe instead of a promo product, you give away a chance at an hour massage when they register to win.

Determine what medium you will use to help you reach your audience. Will you be sending out a monthly email blast? If you do will you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact to help make it easier to design and send? If your target audience utilizes Facebook, how will you market this audience, will you build a Facebook Group, or will you boost posts? Is television or radio a media that would work for you? If you are in retail, and need to generate local foot traffic, then maybe an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailer) is what you need. Maybe creating a Youtube Channel with “how to” videos is how you will reach your potential clients. Maybe your a manufacturer and attend 4 big manufacturing shows each year, and you’d like to target people that attend the events through geo-fencing. Whatever you decide will decide your company’s fate or success. Determining how you reach your clients can be overwhelming. I will say it is important to have variety in your marketing efforts, so make sure you have a minimum of at least 4 sources to reach your client. Don’t ever only rely on one type or form of advertising to help you reach your audience. As an example; if you use only Facebook as a form of advertising, Facebook could be gone tomorrow, so it’s important to have other means of advertising.

Look at your history, specifically your cash flow. A marketing plan needs to work with your cash flow. If you’re spending a lot of money at the wrong time of the year, this could really sink you fast. Look at your financials to see where your best months were last year, and that is where you decide when and where you will spend your marketing dollars. It needs to work with your budget, and with your cash flow. As an example; if I am a health care provider, and the summer months are extremely slow, I would probably implement a promotion just before the summer months - spend the marketing dollars when I have them available, and try to entice clients to utilize services in the summer months. Plan ahead of you have an event that you want to promote. Look at every month and determine what type of advertising or marketing you will use to help increase sales and how much you will spend on each promotion. This is called working within your budget.

Create yearly, monthly and weekly tasks to reach your marketing goals. It’s great that you have a plan, however you need to know how to make the plan work. You need to just do it! Work your way backwards and determine exactly what you need to do to reach your company goals.  For example; if I want to send out 12 emails in a year to current clients, I will need to determine what the emails will contain, the best time to send them, and what service I will use to send them out. It’s also important to make sure these tasks are being conducted. Whomever is performing the task, is it getting done. Keeping a scorecard is equally important to make sure these tasks at hand are completed and done in a timely manner.

Finally, make sure that you company goals align with your marketing goals. That is extremely important. If you are looking at increasing your current sales by 5% each month, then make sure that your marketing goals are helping to achieve this goal. Marketing goals, and company goals need to be in sync with each other. If you’re still a little overwhelmed, and need assistance in putting together a marketing plan for your business, fill out this short form, and we’ll contact you by phone, email or in person to help you with your marketing plan. Remember, if you’re not planning your marketing, your competitors probably are. Stay ahead of your competition, write down your plan and just simply do it.

For more information or if you have questions and want to email Dynamic Designs Unlimited directly, we are happy to help you. We know that you are busy, and we thrive on helping busy people create time so that they can continue to do what they are great at. If you don’t have time to market your business successfully then it’s time you give us a call 920-822-4450.