Five Things You Can Do to Increase Your Website Rankings.

Creating an engaging and informative website for your company is only half the battle. Now that you have a company website up and running, filled with details about what you offer and how you can help potential clients, it’s imperative that you get as many visitors to your site as possible. After all, what’s the use of having a fantastic website if no one is looking at it? These are some simple yet effective ways to increase your website rankings and ensure that your company is found on the web.

Include target keywords.

It is crucial to take the time to do research into your industry and target audience so that you can figure out what target keywords are necessary to include on your website. Your target keywords may vary based on your goals, industry, and key demographic. These targeted keywords are words or phrases that your ideal client may use in their internet searches, like “Arizona financial advisor” or “Nail salon New Jersey.” You want these keywords on your website to ensure that prospective clients have the best possible chance of finding their way to your website.

Utilize search engine optimization.

Much like target keywords, search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, focuses on getting your website toward the top of search engine searches and directing target customers to your website. There are thousands of hits for any given internet search, and you want to be at the top of the list when someone searches Google or Bing for your industry in your area. There are many smaller components of SEO that you can implement as a basis, such as updating content regularly and having proper headings on each of your pages. Target keywords, as explained above, are also important for a successful SEO strategy.

Upload regular blog postings or articles each month.

Including regular blog posts on your website is a stellar tool for many reasons. For starters, it shows prospective clients that you are up-to-date on the latest industry trends and have a thorough understanding of your industry. Beyond that, sharing biweekly or monthly blog posts or articles shows that you’re active on your company website and demonstrates your ability to follow through. Blog posts should have valuable content that visitors to your site will find useful. If you implement a blog successfully, visitors will come back month after month to check out your latest post. Allow Dynamic Designs to help you boost your website’s rankings by creating consist blog content for your company or compiling a tailored SEO initiative.

Don’t discount social media.

Social media is a valuable resource for all businesses, as it allows you to connect with prospective clients on a more personal level. At the very least, you should have a LinkedIn personal and business page, as well as a Facebook business page to promote your business. Make sure that each social media profile you have links back to your website, as well as to your other social media pages. Facebook can be utilized to share content such as upcoming promotions, client testimonials, and related industry articles. LinkedIn is a fabulous tool to use for your business, particularly to share blog posts or articles from your website and link them back to your website site. LinkedIn is a great sales tool as well. It’s a way to get passed the gatekeeper and connect with people that make the decisions. Looking for help with either? Contact Dynamic Tammy to find out how we can train you, or your entire staff on social media.

Partner with other companies.

In a world that’s full of business competition, think of area businesses as a resource for you. Partnering with other businesses in your area can increase viewership of your website without having to spend a dime. For example, if you’re a divorce lawyer with a business contact who works as a personal injury lawyer, reach out and see if they are interested in promoting one another. It can be as simple as listing each other’s websites on your own website, so that, if someone contacts you looking for a personal injury lawyer, you can pass along the other lawyer’s contact information, and vice versa. The more frequently your website is listed on the internet, the more frequently it will be visited, thus improving its visibility and rankings.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ensuring your company’s visibility and increasing your rankings on internet searches. Remember, if your target audience isn’t seeing you, they are probably seeing your competition. Dynamic Designs is here to help you implement any of these initiatives to increase your potential sales. Need even more ideas? We have them. Call us at today 920-822-4450 or email us at We know that when you are successful, we are too.