Keep A Pulse On Your Business Every Week...Read Traction!

Traction, a book that has been recommended by two of my mentors, is a great read. I don't give many books, 5 stars, but Traction definitely deserves this. What I thought would be dry, was actually quite informative and an easy read.

I was inspired and motivated by Traction so much that I will be reading it again and again. I plan to use this book as a handbook for my business. In fact, my leadership team is in the process of reading it right now.

Traction spells out the six key components of business, and goes through each one in detail. Beginning with Vision, Traction helps you understand how to successfully plan, operate, hire, solve issues, market. manage personalities and so much more. Everything you need to know and more about business. I only wish I would have read this years ago. It helps you understand how important systems are, and once the systems are in place how easy it is to replicate or get traction in your business. I think the key to the entire book is simplicity, and maybe that is why it resonated with me.

Finally, one more benefit of Traction is the diagrams and on-line resources that it provides to its readers. It's easy to understand by the clear definitions, the stories and the illustrations. If you are an entrepreneur, or business leader and you want to achieve success in your business, read Traction, and watch your business come alive!