Have you ever wondered where to place embroidery on a shirt or jacket?

Have you ever wondered about where embroidery should go on a shirt, a pillow case or towel? If you’ve ever had shirts embroidered for your business or organization, believe it or not there are actually industry standards out there on placement of embroidery that most embroidery shops follow.

With that in mind, there are a lot of reasons why placement may not be in the exact position that is recommended. Some of these reasons might be that the item is hard to hoop. An example of this might be a duffel bag. Some bags are almost impossible to hoop for embroidery, and therefore we opt to embroider on the best and most applicable place on the bag. Other challenges, we as embroiderers face is inside hidden pockets that if embroidered on would make it difficult to use.

Feel free to download our Embroidery Placement Guide to determine where your embroidery should be placed, but remember nothing is set in stone in the embroidery world. Sometimes new standards are created when you dare to be different.