Book Review: Magnetic Marketing By Dan Kennedy

Magnetic Marketing By Dan Kennedy

4 Star Review

I often joke about working smarter, not harder. Magnetic Marketing is a book that focuses on this concept. It also helps you understand how to create a business that is sustainable, and it will help you create a system to make it scalable. Often times with a small business, we struggle on systems and procedures, but that is where we have to focus. Magnetic Marketing helps you create a systematic way to magnetically attract your ideal clients.

The author, Dan Kennedy hits on 10 reasons why marketing fails, and discusses each of these points in detail in chapter two of the Magnetic Marketing. The first mistake he mentions, is marketing to the wrong people. In my eyes, this is huge. If you aren’t marketing to your ideal client, you are missing the mark big time, and wasting your time and energy as well. Another mistake, chasing clients. This really resonated with me. He asks the question, what is your natural impulse when you see someone following you in hot pursuit? You skedaddle. That’s what your prospective customers do after you start to chase them. What you need to do is bait them. The idea is to have them come to you, not to have you chase them. When you client is ready, he will come to you.

Knowing who your client is is important, but know what they want is critical. Kennedy has a story in the book of a buy walking into the hardware store looking for a ¾” drill bit. The biggest mistake is thinking that is exactly what he wants. He actually needs a ¾” in hole. The drill bit is just the tool he needs to get what he wants. Taking it a step further, what is the customer’s underlying desire? Is it to hang a picture a picture of the individuals family? Or is it to crave a lifestyle surrounded by elegance that makes their home the envy of family, friends and co-workers? So what is it that your customers truly want? Are they needing extra time to do the things they love? That is exactly what you need to figure out.

The Magnetic Marketing Triangle is how Kennedy describes as the building blocks to your magnetic system that you need to create. 1) The Message, 2) The Market and 3) The Media. It’s a closed triangle and you have to make sure you treat them all equally. You can’t have one without the other. To help transform your business, Kennedy also  lays down 10 foundational rules that govern Magnetic Marketing. Everything you do in your business must adhere to these rules according to Kennedy.

Magnetic Marketing was a great business book. I gave it 4 stars only because I noticed some grammatical errors, and I thought it could have been organized better. The case studies that Kennedy included in the book were nice to have, as I learn from other people and other businesses. Kennedy also included other valuable resources in the book that you can access online; a marketing quiz/assessment, a toolkit and even a podcast that I will definitely be looking into. My advice to you? Read Magnetic Marketing by Dan S. Kennedy. Remember, readers are leaders. If you only learn one thing or apply one concept to your business, you are extending your own book of knowledge and that in itself is priceless. If you have questions about your own business marketing, feel free to contact Dynamic Tammy on linked in, or just email me and I’ll sit down with you and help you put together a marketing campaign that will make sense to attracting your ideal client.