The Story of How Dynamic McKayla Came To Be a Sales & Marketing Designer at Dynamic Designs

As I look back on my 20+ years of owning a business, I have a better understanding of “it was meant to be.” I believe that there are reasons that things happen to us in life. We may not understand it at the time, but eventually we figure it out. Sometimes, there is a bump in the road. Sometimes there are different paths that we need to take. Like my mom says “it’s all about the journey.” I have a story, that I’d like to share with you, on how we acquired our Dynamic McKayla.

A few months ago, when Dynamic Jennifer announced she was having a baby we were all super excited for her. This is Jennifer’s and Dylan’s first child, and yes, she knows it’s going to be a boy.  If you know Jennifer, she is a doer, she is a workhorse, and quite simply, she gets things done. For many of you, that is what you need. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and you call us and you don’t have much time. You don’t have time to think, to design or decide what it is that you need. As a team, we all work together to help you in your time of need. We truly have a super team at Dynamic Designs; Jennifer, Annette, Oscar, Barb, Big Daddy, Bruce, Doreen and Noah, our team is absolutely wonderful. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say perfect I said wonderful. It’s a pleasure to work, learn, grow and have fun with each and every day with these folks. I truly love them for who they are, and what they bring to the table.

Enough said. While I personally was excited for Jennifer, I was a little nervous too. My thoughts were, how are we going to handle things when she is gone on maternity leave? Or what if she has the baby early, what do we do? Anyway, thoughts and crazy ideas raced through my mind, I really didn’t know, as a business owner, what we were going to do. The anxiety had set in…and then I received the email.

The day I am talking about was July 22, 2019, the day after Pulaski Polka Days (thank goodness), I was happy that the weekend was over and I was at work. For those of you that don’t know us, we have a family polka band, and Bruce and my son Zach play in other bands as well - Pulaski Polka Days is a crazy week for us. We are extremely involved in our community. There was a lot going on that weekend. As I was sitting at my desk that morning, going through my emails, I remember that I probably receive over 200 emails a day. I’m not kidding either, one email caught my eye. As I quickly opened the email, and skimmed it over, my eyes read “Dear Dynamic Tammy.” I thought to myself, anyone that calls me Dynamic Tammy has got to know me, or have an idea who I am. That is my brand. So, don’t tell me that branding doesn’t work. PS - her resume and digital portfolio impressed me as well.

Over the years, I learned the hard way about hiring and firing. According to Dave Ramsey, you need to be quick to fire, and slow to hire. Here’s a great article from him on 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid. I made contact with McKayla and told her that I just wanted to talk with her. Within a week we were having coffee at a coffee shop in Green Bay. I knew the moment I met her that she was a good fit. I believe I have a sixth sense, some might call it a gut instinct, but somehow I knew that she was in. My next step was introducing her to the team. I wanted to see how everyone back at the office felt about her. I wanted to make sure it was a good fit. From past experience, one bad apple can ruin the whole bag. 

McKayla was invited in, and yup, she made the grade. She was put through extensive questioning by the team, and after she left, I got the okay. The next step was meeting with her and her fiancé, Andy. We met at the Graystone Ale House in Green Bay. Bruce and Myself, along with my Mom and Dad met both of them for supper one evening. We had great conversation, good food, and the minute Bruce found out that Andy was an avid bowler (that of which Bruce is too) they were both in. The rest is now history.

Now, that was my story, let’s give you a little information about McKayla. She was born and raised in the Barn Quilt Capitol of the World, Shawano, Wisconsin. In 2018, she made the move to the BIG city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, along with her fiancé, Andy, two Springer Spaniels, and two adorable cats. She graduated from NWTC with a degree in Design and Graphic Technology and Print Technology. We found this out this week that by day she is a Creative Genius. By night she is a Cupcake Connoisseur. She makes amazingly beautiful and delicious cupcakes, and we had the opportunity to taste them this week! McKayla has completed 11 half marathons, 1 duathlon, 2 10K’s, and a handful of 5K’s. She enjoys taking impromptu trips anywhere the road takes her.

Well, the road she took has taken her to Dynamic Designs, a marketing firm, in Pulaski, Wisconsin. As a “Sales and Marketing Designer”, McKayla will be assisting in all areas of design: promotional products, websites, decorated apparel, and social media. Most importantly, when Jennifer is back from Maternity Leave, she will be assisting us in our sales efforts, which will include company online stores, sales presentations, and virtual ideas for our clients. We are proud to have you, McKayla and truly know that “It was meant to be”. McKayla Waupoose, welcome to our Dynamic Family.