Website Design


It all started when…

We didn't always do websites at Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC. It's an interesting story. Over 15 years ago now, we actually had a company create a website for us. We paid a lot of money to erect the site. And every month we paid additional money for hosting the site, maintaining and updating it.

Well, guess what? Changes weren't getting made in a timely manner, there were design flaws, and to put it to you nicely, our website wasn't doing us justice, and we were still paying money for it every single month. Honestly, we felt like we were getting taken advantage of, and we were. In fact, our website company wouldn't release our url/domain name to us, so we had to purchase a new domain on top of it all.

Our founder, Tammy, had enough. She decided to go back to school for website design and made it a goal to design our website. A year later, our site was up. She tinkered with other websites, community non-profits, one being the Pulaski Area Historical Society before doing actual client websites.

We found out that we had clients that had similar website experiences. They were taken advantage of by website companies. Some companies would design a website and then that was it...gone forever, and there our clients sat. Not able to update their own websites.

That's when we stepped in and added website design to our list of services. Our strengths with websites lies in our communication process with our clients. Trust us, it's not always about price. We know, we've been there. We also believe that we educate our clients and provide them the most recent information about technology so they can make the best choices for their own companies.

If you are looking for a new website, and want a company you can trust and rely on to be there for the long haul, we are the answer. 920-822-4450, call us and sit down and meet the team.